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Chapter Two

Verses 1-4

Paul is talking about Community. He lists a set of experiences which are desired by the Chuch (Consolation for Hardship, Comfort through Love, Fellowship in Spirit, happiness through empathy and understanding) Then tells the Church how those can be obtained.

Sharing in the same Love by having one united goal, which all can aggree upon as being the root of progression. Caring for others in a pastoral sense, and paying attention to the situation and circumstances of others.

He points out that argument, and vanity can be stumbling blocks and adds extra motivation. Since the church is heavily relient upon Paul he tells them how happy it would make him, if they did these things "Fulfill ye my joy"

Verses 4-11

A short diologue on Unity within the Trinity personalities, particularly on the aspect of Christ becoming part of the Created Order, and voluntarily aggreeing to experience all the negatives of such a feat. A manner which is terribly unbecoming for who he actually was. Traditional Monarchs do not make themselves subjects.

He hints that because of the glory that a re-united Trinity expressed after asscension-tide. The same is available to all Humans who move towards being Christlike. Its a very simple form of Bribery. If you want the reward, try to put into action what is being suggested.

Verses 12-18

I strongly suspect that this was one of Pauls last letters to this particular Church before receiving Sentance. It is written as a kind of commission that could be used as a final statement for one approaching death. Its as if he's writing...just in case he happens to die.

He commands the church to "work out your own salvation" that is not about work in terms of deeds...the emphasis is on "own" its like a Mother telling her Child, its time to leave the next and fend for itself. He is also largely casting them back on GOD alone and not seemingly handing them over to anyone else. Simply promising that if He should die, GOD will take care of them.

The urge is to continue in spite of what might happen to him by " a crooked and perverse Nation" This is very much telling them what to do upon hearing that he has been martyred I reckon. Although he's pretty sure it wont happen, he isnt as Certain as he made out in the first Chapter. This is an Epilogue. In fact the close is much like a Prayer out of the Book of Common Prayer used in the Funerial Sentances. Paul asks that they do this so that upon Judgement, he may look back and see that what he perecieves to be the meaning of His Life, is realized. He may also be subtly asking for prayer after he has died...Holding forth the word of Life (that I may rejoice in the day of Christ) Pray for my salvation upon my Death?

Verses 19-30

I havent got a clue what he is talking about. I know his best friend...but the thing with the guy who got Ill and nearly died eh
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