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Default Greetings From England

Hello My name is Dave and I am English. I was born and raised in Lincoln, attending The Lincoln School of Science and Technology in only its second year of commission. I left with Nine GCSEs (I failed Music) one A Level and an Advanced GNVQ. I then went to Bradford University where I read Interdisciplinary Human Studies, a combinational course of all sorts of Social Sciences, from things like Philosophy, all the way through to Peace Studies. I was there for the 2001 Race Riots (Bradford is a dying industrial city with a vast Islamic Majority in the population) I was doing about Censorship and in the city for 9/11, and I was doing Strategic Studies when the United States invaded Iraq. I wrote my dissertation thesis into Professional Wrestling, Cinematic Horror and the Symbology of Violence. I aggree with the Nietzschean View of power discourse philosophy. After University I went to London and joined The Saint Paul's Cathedral Lay Community, and worked as a Virger in the Cathedral for a fixed contract of two years. I was in London and on duty as the Early Virger the day of the London Bombings. Sadly when I was looking for another job to remain in London after my contract expired I fell and shattered two fingers in my left hand, I couldnt work for months with K-Wires flapping in the breeze. I was forced to move up north to live with my parents in Harrogate. I began working in the produce department of a supermarket thats owned by Wal-Mart. In 2006 I got my own flat, and was doing some research into MMA, i'd become interested after seeing the ultimate submissions DVD, through Patrick Miletich I discovered MFS, of which Matt Hughes was a part at the time. I found his forum and singed up in March around UFC58. I was around for the Schism of 59, I was around for the invention of the Christian Section during the Summer, and during the fall of that year I became the Top poster after all those ahead of me ceased to post. I went to my first MMA event at UFC70, the same week I was hoisted to the ranks of Moderator. I looked after The Christian Section. I then went on my First States Tour in the fall of 2007. I resigned as Moderator for the Christian Section in November and then looked after The Ultimate Fighter section until becoming a Senior Mod a year later. By the time of the Server Switch I had 33 thousand Posts in just under three years.

I am now twenty-six years old, I have two sisters, both younger then me, and both my parents have just celebrated 30 years of Marrage. My Father is an ordained Minister who works in Secular Employment for the past 15 odd years. I only have one remaining Grandparent on my Mothers side. I like to think that I am genuine and Honnest, I work really hard and dont tollerate fools in the workplace very well. Some people say I'm a little to sensative, but I dont care. I write Freelance for MMAHitPit dot com, and once every two months get a free invitation to Liverpool to watch Cage Gladiators with Emile Coleman, who is the Co-Owner, and currently on Million Dollar Traders TV series. I met Emile when he noticed my videos of his event which I went to in the summer of 2008 (I also went to a cage rage event and saw Matt Hughes fight live in London at UFC85) I upload many videos onto youtube under the screen-name Pulvaris. Which is the Romanized name for Jens Pulver who is my most favourite fighter. I love him heaps, and speak to him and many other fighters over email and myspace in particular. I support three main institutions, firstly Miletich Fighting Systems, Secondly Hughes Intensive Training Squad, and thirdly a management group for fighters called Suckerpunch Entertainment.

I love discussion and I love this Forum. I am also a Christian, though not a very...erm...intelligent one I wouldnt say. I'm not nearly the Bible Scholar that some are or have been on this forum in the past. I also have issues with things like an Anxiety Disorder and Depression for which I've been on permanent medication for a few years now..and in my past i've led the lifestyle of a sexual devient I dont do that no more though

I'm known for my long posts...sooo I'll stop here, if there is anything else you wish to know, PM me...I'm friendly...unless your an arse...or your gonna piss on Pulver...because that will make irritate me. Fighters I dont care for include, Georges Saint Pierre, Baby Jay Penn, Matt Serra, and Renato Sobral.
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