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i tend to think pot just enhances someones personality (paranoid people get more paranoid, stupid people get dumber, not much different than alcohol) i know plenty of potheads that most people couldnt tell if they where potheads unless told (not saying i dont know any idiots potheads, but i know sober people who are idiots to)

as far as a gateway drug, my guess is people that smoke pot then move onto harder stuff would probally still be in the same place they are now if pot wasnt there, pot is more common, and easiest to get, it only makes sense its the first drug people try, technically i would guess most people drink a beer before they smoke pot so if anything beer should be the gateway

its just my opinion, i just dont get what the big deal is, yes its illegal and alcohol is not, but i dont really see a difference between the 2 neither benifit or hurt anyone any more or less than the other
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