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alright, i thought about this yesterday .. and I am changing my rankings .. (can I do that?)

1. GSP
2. Penn
3. Anderson
4. Fedor
5. Machida

I am doing this based on a couple of things ... One, GSP has fought the toughest relative competititon .. I think since he has been in the UFC, he has fought all Top-Tens at the time in his weight class except for Hieron and Miller (they may have been top ten back then, but i wasn't too familiar with world rankings then) he has dominated every fighter he has fought and avenged all losses on his record
BJ, as much as I think he is a douche, the dude has never lost at his weight class ... he has also fought out of his weight class for which he gets points .. sure he has lost probably half of them, but it takes balls to fight bigger guys .. he should stay at 155 as I think he can beat some WW's, he can't beat GSP
Anderson has cleaned up his weight class and is fighting at LHW now .. he could probably go up in the rankings, but i think his last few fights have been against less relative competition
Fedor, one of my favourite fighters who has truly never lost .. but until he starts fighting the best HW's in the world, he can't move up ... I think he beats anyone in the UFC, but that is opinion .. Fedor, please make it a reality and come beat these guys ...
Machida ... chance to be the best when he starts fighting better .. sure he has never lost a round, but beating the likes of hoger, nakmura and some other bum .. when he beats guys like rampage, shogun, he will move to number 1
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