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Fighting is not a team sopr. You may train together in the same place, but if you want to get paid to fight and move up the ladder, it shouldn't matter who's inyour way. How many fighters say it's their dream to be champions? So they're gonna throw that away cause they gotta fight a person they train with?the only reason I would be hesitant to fight a training partner would be because he'd know all my weaknesses. But it's the same the other way around. As a fan I just want to see the best fighter fight each other to get to the top of their division, even if that road goes through a Freind/trining partner. If I was a WW champ and one of my training partners beat everyone else to earn number one contender, I would expect him to want the title shot he deserves, not wait around for someone else to beat me before he gets that shot. These guys are in the UFC because they are the best, and want to beat the best. IMO mma is not a team sport. Some people see it differently I guess.
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