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Originally Posted by Play The Man

I respect loyalty as a virtue; however, as a fan, I think that the fighters should be professionals and fight anyone the UFC puts in front of them. It is a real issue in the welterweight division with Swick, Koscheck and Fitch being from the same team. I think most people would rank those 3 fighters in the top 10 of the UFC welterweight division. I would also love to see an Anderson Silva vs. Machida match-up; I don't care about an Evans vs. Jardine fight, to be honest.

I honestly think if it came down to the UFC losing Rashad Evans because he wouldnt fight Jardine vs avoiding that fight, the UFC would avoid that fight. Some dudes just arent going to fight their friends, and in relation to those guys that have big names, the UFC really wouldnt want to lose those guys. The lesser knowns that don't have any leverage will be stuck though.
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