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Originally Posted by warriorlion
Only thing I would say here is that yeah I agree that Fedor is a great fighter, but he has not really fought any one of note, the toughest fight he has had in years was arlovski, and lets face it, bret rogers beat Fedors KO time, AA is not the fighter he could be.

You ever notice that once a fighter gtes KOed really badly sometimes they dont come back as the same fighter... Thats prolly what happend with Arlovski and Silvia and why they got KOed so easliy afterwards... To say Fedor hasn't fought anyone is rediculous!!!

IMO Fedor has faught EVERYONE at heavyweight worth fighting throughout his cerear with the exceptions of Randy,Barnet (which hes going to) and maybe Lesner now...

Come on man look at the guys record.
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