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Originally Posted by hizo64
Once again I nominate you for Prez in 2012 I dont care waht they say, weed is a hardcore gateway drug. I cant even count how many of my former friends smoked weed "cause it was harmless" and then decided to go and "try something a little harder than weed". They're all tweaked out and jobless it sickens me.. but I still pray for them.
I've never smoked marijuana in my life; but I have known several guys in the Army who smoked it heavily in high school and, even years later, it was all they talked about. In fact, they frequently fantasized about being out of the Army so they could smoke pot without worry of the random drug tests. They spent so much time thinking about smoking weed again, that I really have trouble believing that it's not addictive.

There are also several side effects that I noticed including forgetfulness, paranoia, and a proclivity to believe in massive and improbable conspiracy theories.
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