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Chris F
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Originally Posted by TheDotComKid
I would like to start by apologizing for being so late with my response due to cpu problems(had to take it in for repair) and thanks to Chris F for the motivational push

In Philippians chapter 1 I think Paul and Timothy are asking us to do what we are all doing on this forum.For all of us Christians to stick together standing side by side with one strong purpose-to tell the good news.Paul and Timothy also remind us that no one and nothing can hold us back if we have true faith in God and that we should always stay optimistic and have no fear because this life is short but our other life is eternal.Sry this wasnt longer but but Im not the best writer and I find it hard to express myself on paper or the cpu.Ill be back soon to share my thoughts in another short post about chapter 2 lol
You can't help cpu problems or service issues. the important part is that you read His Word. I t is always better late then never I suppose. Besides I should practice what I preach, I have been slacking on chater 2 so thank you for the push.
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