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Originally Posted by Blade
There's nothing wrong with bringing a broken rule or incorrectly followed procedure to the attention of those in charge. Any decent governing body or organisation or in fact any business at all should not be above self-improvement. If Penn had greased against Pulver you'd be calling for his public flogging and execution so put a sock in it Glowing Fart, lol.
The SAC is not known for being prone towards self improvement BY the people it governs. I think he had a point, but he should have used the Offical to back his claim....rather then GSP greased and your guy didnt stop it...try GSP greased, even your guy chose to intervene and make a note...that way they think "yes, he did, this guy must have a good point, perhaps we should do more..."

As for your other cameo...i'd have gone out to hawaii to execute vengance myself
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