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Originally Posted by NateR
Actually, the governments that we set up in countries like Iraq are Republics not Democracies. A Republic is where you democratically elect representatives to govern your country. A true Democracy would be to bring everything from installing a new stop sign to going to war up to a popular vote. We don't do that and we don't groom new "Democracies" to do that.

The official description of America's government is a "Federal Republic with Democratic Tradition." Some people also refer to it as a "Representative Democracy."
No you possibly create Democratic Republics

But I think you find that in Iraq the people vote for the person they want to ellect, they DONT vote for a section of the community that votes for them, I expect that whilst you find the government possibly has proportional representation...I doubt that works out well considering one side is such a Minority.

Federal just means Collective...I would think yours was somewhere between a Democratic Republic and a Democratic Government....ive not heard of "representative democrasy" BUT...with a tiny minor change you have a new name

thats what was so hard about political philosophy for me
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