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Originally Posted by TENNESSEAN
Do I have a third.
Nope not kidding. Brocks got no skill just weight and strength.
Show me a fight that showed any type of skill from the guy. Randy was picking him apart but got hit and of course when a guy the size of Brock hits a guy the size of Randy he is going to get ko'ed. Brock was just to big for Randy. He wins by overpowering his opponent thatís it.
Fighters are separated by weight in 15lb increments. Show me a fight were Brock was within 15lbs of his opponent.
I spent 3 years at my job convincing my coworkers that this was a true sport. They compared it to WWE and I defended it. Gave the whole skill and honor in combat spill. Guess who I have been getting calls from this week. Brock makes a joke out of the sport and is an embarrassment to the UFC. After the crap he pulled at 100 the UFC should suspend him for 6 months. But they want its all about the dollar.
I hope that with the popularity of the UFC it doesnít turn into a real WWE were the only difference is the fights arenít staged.
Well he probably won't fight again for about that long so try not worry haha,
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