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Originally Posted by Straight Right
I'm not arguing with you really, and I'm not talking about paying every fighter tons of money just saying that they/UFC should be paying them more than they currently are across the board. How many fights a year does a typical fighter get? At $5k-$10k a fight for a base-level guy, that's just barely be a full time job. Listen I'm not sheading tears for guys that actually get paid to fight, and not saying these guys should even get a percentage of the PPV or gate receipt but can you honestly tell me you think that fighter payout for UFC 100 was fair to the fighters considering the PPV take alone is between $40-60 Million? Just my opinion, but I think boys at Zuffa could open their wallets a little to the guys that basically put that money there. Tack on the money that the UFC gets from Spike, Bud light, Harley Davidson (and all the other sponsors) and all the merchandising, it would seem there is more than plenty to go around.
Are them Millions gross or net?
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