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What you call True communism does not exist and would not work very well either! As for the pay in America. Where I work we have what we call a pay scale! ICS which is my job code is a level three. Now there are a couple guys on the same pay scale that make more than me but that's because they have been their longer. One guy has been their 9 years I think he said! If you meet expectations on your annual eval you get a raise! Now the ICS lead is alot higher pay scale than I am so that's a dollar more on the hour than my scale is. Most sales floor positions are a level 2 which makes less than me. But then again most sales floor positions ain't as demanding as what I do. My job is considered physically demanding and requires some training. Used to be they would pay extra if you got licenced on the power equipment but they stopped doing that. I suspect to many folks abused it. I heard that some folks that were buddies with the trainer would get licenced when they really weren't properly trained and never run the Equipment. By the way the Government does not yet tell Companies in America what job pays what! We do have a minamun wage whitch is the Goverment saying this is the least you can pay any employee but most places pay more. One of the things we don't want in America is the Government decideing who makes 8 an hour and who makes ten an hour! Mostly the way it works is the company tell's you how much they pay for a job and you take it or leave it.
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