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Originally Posted by Jason 16
not the same BY FAR NOT THE SAME
Scientology is a Cult, it is not may not be Nazi

but its ironic that the Germans dont mind Cruise playing the part of a Nazi but hate the fact he's with scientology...

...and WADR...the thing with Japan is EXACTLY the same. Did you know that in Germany to deny the Holocaust is not only distasteful, its punished by going to prison? Do you know they dont sing the first verse of their National Anthem anymore because it is considered "too nationalistic" WHY would they enjoy, or want to watch ANYTHING to do with the world wars AT ALL...if we are not Patriotic, its because Europe has seen what Patriotism in an enclosed environment can obviously the Germans are NOT going to like Valkyrie. Its called a touchy subject.

There is a difference with American Culture. Take for example Pearl Harbour...almost any other Nation would be grieved at a portrayal of an event such as that...but in America they already have films out about 9/11!

As I pointed out to Nathan when I visited him in 2007 and we watched 28Weeks later, the American Film depicts a firebombing of central London! What would Americans think if a British Film depicted the firebombing of New York, or Washington??...possibly nothing, because some of the Great American films show disastors happening to American Cities...Cities that have NEVER seen true warfare, Cities that have never been bombed night after night for years.

That makes these disastor movies like "the day after tommorow" or "Independance day" as complete fantasy that doesnt play on anything real. But for example, if you made a big film about the American Victory over Japan...that really happened, and the Cities still bear scars decades later...DONT expect the Japanese to flock to the cinemas to enjoy the Bombings. Of course the event had to happen...but lets remember what a vile thing it was aswell to befall any culture, particularly for any normal Japanese citizen who may not even have supported what their country was doing

I hope you understand that just watching that documentary might be extremely distressing to someone of Japanese Origin...that was a documentary, imagine a film about Our Victory, and expecting such a movie to do well for a Japanese Audience...I dont suppose Downfall, did very well infront of the German Audiences either, thats even worse then Valkyrie, for its a story focusing on Adolf Hitlers last day in Berlin as the Allied Forces approached. It doesnt matter that these films show Good winning over Evil, or actions that HAD to happen to end tremendous wars...its the fact that some of the viewers from those countries, might now live in Berlin, or Hiroshima, perhaps they lost a relative in the bombing...perhaps it makes them feel ashamed even though they were not alive at the time that there Nations with such increadible evil...perhaps they can walk down the road outside there house and see a monument that attests to the sufferings of their city

I have to say...even I was slightly taken aback with how real the destruction of the docklands and canary wharf area of London appeared to be...and thats never happened, thats not even depicting a real event. I always get a little emotional when I hear of the night the bells of Saint Paul's fell silent during a particularly nasty Blitz that had the sole aim of ruining the Cathedral...and the photograph of Saint Paul's STILL STANDING the day after when the rest of the city was flattened to the ground...its just strange

Those Bells didnt ring again after that until the Liberation of Paris.

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