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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke
but the guys on the undercard weren't part of the PPV, so they weren't drawing anyone to watch the PPV or get them ... I hear what you are saying, but why pay someone more because UFC 100 is going to be a huge PPV, when the chance they are actually shown on the PPV is slim to none?
Being the on the undercard/not being on air, is moot just the fighters overall salaries in general, its been this way for a long time a couple guys at the top making all the jack and the guys at the bottom are making crap. In some respects it pay for performance/star power, and I understand that, but my point is there should be a better minimum pay scale for the fighters given how much money is rolling in. And again clamping down on the role of sponsors really hurts the guys at the bottom of the food chain still struggling to get by.
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