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Originally Posted by Straight Right
But it doesn't make it right when the PPV take on UFC 100 was in the hundreds of millions--giving even the lowest fighter on the card a mere $5,000 is awfully, awfully cheap. I know there are hundreds if not thousands of guys lined up to get a chance to make that mere $5,000, but given the obscene amount of money that these fighters pull in for Dana and the UFC, I for one, think that a little better compensation is in order. ESPECIALLY given the fact that the UFC has put the kibosh on a lot of fighters sponsorhip opportunities.
but the guys on the undercard weren't part of the PPV, so they weren't drawing anyone to watch the PPV or get them ... I hear what you are saying, but why pay someone more because UFC 100 is going to be a huge PPV, when the chance they are actually shown on the PPV is slim to none?
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