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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke
what's not to understand? They are based on negotiated contracts ... bisping, brock negotitated better deals ... brock probably said, listen i sell tickets and bisping said, look, i can get you the euro fans ... pretty simple ... the guys near the bottom need to prove themselves so when their contracts end, they can sign new, better ones ... paulo thiago for example was probably happy to get his foot in the door and sign for 8 a fight, then he beat kos and gets a shot at fitch, dana isn't all of a sudden going to say, oh lets re-negotitate your contract to get you something like 20-30 g's a fight .... it's a business and dana is a great business man ...

But it doesn't make it right when the PPV take on UFC 100 was in the hundreds of millions--giving even the lowest fighter on the card a mere $5,000 is awfully, awfully cheap. I know there are hundreds if not thousands of guys lined up to get a chance to make that mere $5,000, but given the obscene amount of money that these fighters pull in for Dana and the UFC, I for one, think that a little better compensation is in order. ESPECIALLY given the fact that the UFC has put the kibosh on a lot of fighters sponsorhip opportunities.
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