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Originally Posted by rockdawg21
1) Must be nice, I still think it infringes on people's rights though.

Yup, and more proof that that the U.S. is changing from a Republic, as it was originally founded, to Socialism. Big government is the way of the future here.

That's true, but I still think it's crap.
1) No it had a few unforseen side effects. For the entrance ways to buildings get clustered with smokers, whereas the non smokers didnt see them before because they were all in smoke you breath MORE of it then before. Also, late at night all the women and youths are OUTSIDE the clubs smoking rather then inside. At least inside they are out of the way...on the roadside and drunk they are a public disgrace, not to mention at risk from preditors who would take advantage of them.

No it kinda backfired.

2) A Republic is not IMHO as good as a Democrasy....when the U.S spreads its ethos through the rest of the world, it spreads democrasy not republicanism.

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