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Originally Posted by F34R
Since we cleared the other issue up, I'll just discuss this....

I think EA could actually SUE if there were an actual occurrence of this practice happening. They could probably get this into court with some sort of anti-trust suit for limiting competition in a certain market.

What he probably CAN do, more than probably actually, is to not license anything UFC to EA. The UFC does not OWN the fighters, and unless there is some stipulation in their contracts, or the THQ licensing/contracts, the fighters can do what they want and call Dana's bluff.

I think he'd actually do it, so I don't think I can call it a bluff. If he did that, he'd be hurting the UFC more than he thins.

I agree 100% on what you are saying about EA suing the UFC, and them not owning the fighters, and it's almost word for word what I said to Dave in an earlier post. I'm not sure of what the "exact" definition is under the law, but it's similar to collusion, except Dana is doing this publicly.

Of course, players/fighters are bound by the contracts they sign, and they should always have good agent or lawyer review everything before they sign it. So if a person signs away their rights to participate in something like this, then that is their own fault, but Dana has taken this a step further by threatening to not let anybody who is involved in the EA game be in the UFC, regardless if they are currently under contract or not.

I think it's definitely a bluff, because Dana has gone back on his words numerous times, and I don't believe for one second that the UFC would pass up a fighter that can make them a lot of money just because of their participation in a video game. It's NOT a smart business move, it seems like a personal vendetta that Dana has with EA. He wanted EA to make the game originally, and they turned him down, so now he's pissed off and he is going to take it out on the fighters, seems ridiculous to me.
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