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Originally Posted by F34R
JB, EA has exclusive rights to all NFL stadiums, teams, and players...

Original deal -
Updated through 2012 season -
I already acknowledged that EA holds exclusive rights with the NFL and NFLPA i my last post, but the part I forgot to mention is that it only applies to specific systems, such as the PC, and major home consoles like XBox, Playstation, and Nintendo. Players, and the league, are still free to endorse and appear in games for other formats, such as mobile phones and internet games, and they do all the time. It's written right in your article, and I meant to elaborate on that point in my last post.

Not to mention that this exclusive deal with EA is only 5 years old. Before EA's Madden series TOOK OVER the football video game market, players were making their own individual games on all systems. I think that it's somewhat wrong for the union to limit their players ability to promote on those specific consoles, but the MAJOR difference is that even the lowest players in the NFL are being more than fairly compensated. In the UFC, that is not the case. Dana is threatening to blacklist anybody who gets involved in the EA game, even if they are not already in the UFC, that is beyond the pale, and an obvious bully tactic.

I am not a huge fan of the players unions, or unions in general, but that is another discussion. I don't think a fighters union could ever really work, and if they did manage to organize one it would likely follow the same path of corruption that most unions go down.
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