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Chris F
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Originally Posted by NateR
Dave, you pay people based on relevant skills, intelligence required by their job and the amount of education they have that specifically applies to that job.

Nobody has to get a college scholarship to learn how to stock vegetables in a grocery store. You don't even need a high school diploma to do that. Which is why there are so many kids working these kinds of jobs in America and, if all of them got fired today, they would be easily replaced before the end of the week. Hence, the low pay.

That's the difference between skilled and unskilled labor.

I'm surprised that someone like you would be so quick to try to dismiss the value of education in the workplace.
I wish education helped more then it did. I have a Masters and could only find restaurant management. A friend of mine has a JD and he is delivering Pizza's. So education does not always translate into more money. However I am paid a lot more then most who have no degree but more in work experience so my education has helped some. But it also has hurt me. I have been told 4 time in the last month I am over qualified for entry level collegiate jobs.
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