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Tyburn, I really sympathize with the sentiments that you have expressed in several posts throughout this thread; however, I don't know of a way better than the free market, as cold and unfeeling as it is, to assign value for work. The free market gets it wrong a lot of the time - rap music stars making millions while teachers and soldiers make very modest incomes; however, most other systems are even worse. Utopian communities usually don't last one generation. The past century witnessed the largest body count in history mostly due to the communist theories (and practice) of Marx. Western European socialism likely will not last through this century due to demographic collapse - there will not be enough 20 and 30 year-olds working to support the welfare state and the healthcare and pension costs of the more numerous elderly (unless of course there is even more massive immigration, which will likely destroy the system by other, more sinister, means). I find it ironic that you state that you are a royalist. A strong monarchy has a whole class of people given huge amounts of wealth for no other reason than the circumstances of their birth. At least a meritocracy awards high achievers for their hard work, talent or sacrifice. A monarchy gives you an inbred incompetent like Prince Charles, using up the hard-earned resources of his subjects as he babbles on about how he wants to be his mistress's tampon!

You should study the lesson of the bucolic proverb: "When it comes to ham and eggs for breakfast, the chicken is involved; the pig is committed." Currently you are involved with a job; the committed usually are more highly rewarded. If you want to earn more money you need to risk more and get committed. Start a business - if you succeed then you reap the rewards, if you fail it is all on you. I would bet that your current position offers some element of job security, scheduled breaks, reasonable hours, etc. despite not paying as much as you would like (and probably rightly deserve). If you are truly that disappointed with your position, you should strike out on you own. If you work hard, there is a great chance that you will succeed; however, be warned, the small business owner doesn't get coffee breaks or overtime or weekends off and if the business fails you would not just lose a job, you would lose everything. If you want to stay where you are at, then do something radical: work during break-time, come early to work and stay late (unpaid if necessary), volunteer for extra responsibility, greet every customer with a salutation, etc. It might go unnoticed and unrewarded for a time; however, I would bet that in the long run it would bring rewards. In addition, if you are serious about building wealth, I would recommend a second job. Yes, your life will be difficult, but many, if not most, of the high-earners don't put in a 40 hour work-week (does Europe even work that long?), they put in 50, 60 or 70 hour work-weeks (or more).
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