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Originally Posted by Play The Man
I am going to stick up for the brain surgeon. Before he becomes a brain surgeon, he must go through 4 years of university. After university, he must attend four years of medical school. After medical school, he must be accepted into a surgical internship (1 year). After the internship, he must be accepted into a neurosurgery residency, which is 5 years. After the residency, he may or may not subspecialize in a fellowship (1+ years). Admission to each step is incredibly competitive. Each step requires an incredible amount of sacrifice. The total bill for four years of university plus four years of medical school is easily several hundred thousand dollars. He will not have an income during the eight years of university and medical school, unless he also holds down a part-time job. It is highly likely that the neurosurgeon is $250,000 in debt (not counting the interest) before he makes one penny. During his internship and residency, he will work 80 hour weeks (used to be 100+ hours per week until reform was instituted) for years on end. No weekends off. No holidays off. His pay is lousy. His pay per hour worked during the residency would yield an hourly wage less than a teenager working the counter at McDonald's. The pay that you see quoted, will not start until he is in his mid-30's in age, at the earliest. Once he becomes a brain surgeon, he will be sued for malpractice - there was a recent survey of a large group of neurosurgeons and every single one had been sued. No matter how well he does his job, people will die and relatives will file lawsuits. For the rest of his life, he will carry a pager, to be on call at a moment's notice, to get up out of bed in the middle of the night, and evacuate blood from an accident victim's skull. Due to the poor work hours, he will likely be divorced (studies show high rates of divorce) If you still think he is overpaid, then apply for the job, because for some reason there is a shortage of them - I guess not many people like the easy money.
You speak as if you are a Brian Surgeon

Everyone is in Debt from University, from Tuition Fees, from Student dont, in this country, start to pay it back till you earn a substantial ammount more then me. I dont count it as debt since I dont qualify to pay it back at present

My point isnt that he may be paid to much...its that Brain Surgeon would starve if there was no shops to sell him food. I bring the food to him. I should get paid more because he relies on me to do that. The reason I dont is because supermarkets take so many people doing the same thing just to keep afloat that, as an individual, I'm just one hand in many doing the same he relies on my office, not me personally...somehow that means I shouldnt be paid for basically supporting him in that way.

Its a form of Administration....Administration is actually a Spiritual Gift...did you realize that? The ability to support others so they can do what they do is considered a task empowered by spiritual gifts....Being blessed with the tallent to be a brain surgeon...well thats just GOD given tallent...people forget something about The Kingdom of GOD...its upside down. Those at the top are humbled, those at the bottom are lifted up. I think that the gift of administration is mentioned because firstly SO many people are involved in it. I bet more people are in the business of Administration then have the gift of tongues. But its not glorious. All it does is enable the main function to be carried out, by others.

Since when have you heard of the team who tirelessly drive the Octagon around for the UFC, and who probably take a whole day over setting it up to ensure all safety procedures? How often to you here of the ticket collector who stands on the door making sure people know where to sit in a vast auditorium? Who orders the food for the bars? Who sets up the merchandise Stalls??

Without those people, the Event couldnt be staged. When all those people do their job of supporting, it allows Dana White and the Fetittas to get on with doing the main focus of the project. It allows the Fighters not to have to worry or think about, say, where their dressing room is...? Who will call them when its time to go live? Administration is VAST...I think that it accounts for about half of everything that happens.

But Those people wont get paid as much as Dana White now, will they. Thats my point. Its not that people in high office get paid to much. The surgeon probably deserves his Money (certain bankers DO NOT) its more that the general Administration...the people on the ground...they deserve more.

Guess who has to deal with the rude Customer? its not the Director of Wal-Mart. Guess who has to deal with the foul mouthed loud drunken MMA fan after an event, and clear up their mess...It wont be Dana White...
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