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Originally Posted by Chris F
It does work. I worked fro Wal Mart started at 6.50 back in the day that was above Minimum Wage. I worked hard made myself valuable. My first review I got a 1.25 raise. 2 month later they were wanting to put me in their management training and give me a 8.00 an hour raise at the end of that training. Why? Because of hard word and initiative to learn. People say Wal Mart is greedy. But the fact is they pay well for good workers. My wife works there now and makes more then I do and I manage a restaurant right now. Now I wish I would have took them up on their offer back then.
thats not the policy they implement in England...but then, I dont know how much of the companies ins and outs, in Wal-Mart...and how much of it is simply that Wal-Mart owns ASDA, a company that had existed BEFORE and had protocols already in place.

I think the training side of things might not really be controlled by America. I think that might simply be purely British in design and implementation. Our Chain does have a CEO that isnt based in the United States...and it still keeps its old name (its run by...but not called...Wal-Mart)

There are places that I have worked which are far worse then Wal-Mart. As an Organisation they arent that bad...if only they paid the grunts a little bit more
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