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Chris F
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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
There are only two things that could be better than Lesnar being the "heel" in the UFC right now....

1. Dana White hitting Brock Lesnar over the head with a steel chair after his next victory, right when he is supposed to wrap the belt around him. Then Hulk Hogan comes out and gives Brock the big leg-drop, and parades around the cage with Brock's belt...


2. Brock dominates all the competition and makes the haters respect him.

I am personally pulling for the first option, but I really think number two is the way to go....
Sorry the first option cannot happen. Hulk Hogan had major back surgery and cannot perform the leg drop any more. But Dana can still hit him with a chair but not sure Brock would feel that mosquito.
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