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Originally Posted by Max
I would love to see Matt get another title shot but the fact is he has lost 3 out of his last 5 fights. Sure they were to the #1 and #2 fighters at WW but they were still losses. A loss Should never move someone closer to a title shot. I say give Matt a fight against Dan Hardy (3 - 0 in the UFC and has won 6 in a row) and then after that have Matt and Fitch fight for a title shot. You have to remember that it is not very often that we see two fighters fight 4 times. Companies usually dont like to do it so for it to happen there has to be a good reason.
Good points. I understand the reasoning. Hopefully Matt's legendary status and ability to pack an arena will outweigh one of those needed fights. Who knows when GSP will be ready to fight again anyways.
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