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Originally Posted by Tyburn
But the thing is that, I suspect you find brian surgeons are paid more then they are worth, and you are payed less.
I am going to stick up for the brain surgeon. Before he becomes a brain surgeon, he must go through 4 years of university. After university, he must attend four years of medical school. After medical school, he must be accepted into a surgical internship (1 year). After the internship, he must be accepted into a neurosurgery residency, which is 5 years. After the residency, he may or may not subspecialize in a fellowship (1+ years). Admission to each step is incredibly competitive. Each step requires an incredible amount of sacrifice. The total bill for four years of university plus four years of medical school is easily several hundred thousand dollars. He will not have an income during the eight years of university and medical school, unless he also holds down a part-time job. It is highly likely that the neurosurgeon is $250,000 in debt (not counting the interest) before he makes one penny. During his internship and residency, he will work 80 hour weeks (used to be 100+ hours per week until reform was instituted) for years on end. No weekends off. No holidays off. His pay is lousy. His pay per hour worked during the residency would yield an hourly wage less than a teenager working the counter at McDonald's. The pay that you see quoted, will not start until he is in his mid-30's in age, at the earliest. Once he becomes a brain surgeon, he will be sued for malpractice - there was a recent survey of a large group of neurosurgeons and every single one had been sued. No matter how well he does his job, people will die and relatives will file lawsuits. For the rest of his life, he will carry a pager, to be on call at a moment's notice, to get up out of bed in the middle of the night, and evacuate blood from an accident victim's skull. Due to the poor work hours, he will likely be divorced (studies show high rates of divorce) If you still think he is overpaid, then apply for the job, because for some reason there is a shortage of them - I guess not many people like the easy money.
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