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Originally Posted by Max
What are you talking about?? Kampmann has won 6 of 7 and Swick has won 9 of 10. Kampmann has won 2 in a row at WW and Swick has won 4 in a row. This has nothing to do with MMA math, the winner of this fight should get a title shot.

oh, well if you say so then...
I see your point
It has as much to do with who you lost to as to who you've beaten and Matt fought #1 and #2 under unusual circumstances. the 9x champ who's only lost to two people in the division should either get a contender match against Alves or a shot at GSP. GSP vs Hughes IV will still sell no matter what. Hughes vs Alves as a revenge fight will sell too.
Let's see how Swick and Kampman look and go from there...
Who else should Matt fight? Fitch?
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