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I thought that was an insightful article and made a good point, but it doesn't draw a parallel to what I and other Brock detractors have a problem with; his character. I'm not saying it will damage the growth of the sport (which is the point of the entire article). I'm saying I don't like the dude and I think he is the epitome of every bad thing in sports. The examples he used (Tito, Rampage, Tyson) are all comparable in a way, but what does that matter? Tyson didn't start doing things like he cited until the end of his career. When he was at the height of his popularity and undefeated champ, he didn't do/say any of those things. I never liked Tito, and now Rampage has completely turned me off to the point that I want Rashaad to win that fight (did I just say that???).

I stand by my opinion on Brock.
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