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Originally Posted by Tyburn
But the thing is that, I suspect you find brian surgeons are paid more then they are worth, and you are payed less.
So. Then you shop around and find one cheaper. You CAN do that here in the US. You can actually shop around and bargain with them over the price. You *gasp* get to choose!

Originally Posted by Tyburn
See you then get bankers claiming that because they are highly skilled and work in a very stressful environment they are STILL dispite the economy, STILL worth thousands in Bonus....people like me who work for Wal-Mart...enmass our job is very important...but indivudally, not so we get paid sometimes less then we can really live on.
That is actually the beauty of it! You can go to school and be that banker. Not happy with your pay? Want a better paying job? Then YOU get to do something about it. You...... get to choose!

p.s. Blowing out someone else's candle doesn't make yours burn brighter. (In other words reducing their pay still isn't going to increase yours.)
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