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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
No, he could not do that.

You cannot just put a trademark on people's actual names. He does NOT own the fighters, in fact he only OWNS 10% of the UFC. Vince McMahon trademarked names of fictional characters his company created. Also, Vince does not own the trademarks to ALL to the wrestlers characters, but he does own most.

You are really missing my point Dave... It's one thing for Dana to say that people he has under contract with UFC cannot take part in the game, even though he is being hypocritical because they are letting Randy do it. However, by sending an open ended threat that anybody who is involved with the game will never fight for the UFC, is borderline illegal. EA could potentially file a lawsuit against the UFC. It falls under the same context as collusion, and it is wrong.

Not to mention, it's a bunch of bull. Do you really think Dana would hold up to what he said? If Fedor is on the cover of the game, is he going to refuse to sign him? I doubt it. Dana White is going to end up losing this battle, so he should not even bother with EA, just worry about UFC.
Well. I dont think what he has done is right...but knowing him, and knowing how they treated him before, I think this kinda pettiness is to be expected.

Besides...have you noticed whenever he goes to far, one of the Fertitas overrules him
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