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Originally Posted by KENTUCKYREDBONE
To me the goal of Capitalism is to get paid what your work is worth! In others words if you build more houses than your neighbor builds you should get paid more. Now that's providing you followed the rules and everything else is equal. Lets look at it a different way. Under Capitalism a Brian surgeon should make more than I do for unloading trucks! Why? Cause the Brian surgeon is so highly skilled and rare that he's worth it. What your seeing with the folks attacking those who disagree with Obama is more like Tyranny and Communism than Capitalism. The purpose of law in a Capitalistic society is supposed to be make everyone play by the same rules!
But the thing is that, I suspect you find brian surgeons are paid more then they are worth, and you are payed less.

See you then get bankers claiming that because they are highly skilled and work in a very stressful environment they are STILL dispite the economy, STILL worth thousands in Bonus....people like me who work for Wal-Mart...enmass our job is very important...but indivudally, not so we get paid sometimes less then we can really live on.
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