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Originally Posted by F34R
Nope... if they are members of the NFLPA, then they can not license their name out to any video game that doesn't pay for said license to the PA. That's why EA Sports has a monopoly on NFL games now, and Sega can't make games with real players and teams anymore. EA has exclusive rights to everything NFL licensed, including the players.

Seeing as the UFC doesn't have a union or Fighters Association, the fighters are only under fighting contracts, and not licensing contracts. They can go elsewhere and license their likenesses and names to other games. Dana obviously doesn't want that.
No, that is incorrect.

NFLPA represents players when it comes to NFL matters, they do NOT own the players name or likeness. The names and likeness of a person are their individual property. You work in the field of law, so I am sure you have references, that I don't, where you can look that up.

Players are free to embark on individual enterprises outside of the NFL, as long as it complies with the morality clause and it does not violate any specific deals in their contract. I am totally aware of how the unions work, and the reason I did not mention the NFLPA is because they do NOT restrict players from being in video games or ask for a "fee". If you know something that I don't, please tell me.

HOWEVER, you do raise an excellent point. EA does have the exclusive rights to making NFL and NFLPA licensed games, and that is why they are so popular. People like the Madden NFL games because they have EVERY team and EVERY player, but there have been problems like this in the past. There have been players who have still not appeared in games licensed by the league and the union because of previous outside contracts.

If an individual player wants to be the namesake of a game, such as "John Elway Football", "Kobe Bryant Basketball", or "Derek Jeter Baseball", they can usually do it, however they are likely to be the ONLY featured player in the game, unless they sub-contract individual players to be a part of it.

There are still some developers who manage to compete with EA, like 2K sports. In 2004, they did NFL 2k5 and it was highly regarded. They also have an NBA 2k series that I personally think is better than the NBA Live series by EA. The truth is, the details of contracts between video game developers, pro leagues, and players unions is something that changes every few years. These contracts are not signed long-term, for obvious reasons. The UFC only has a publishing deal until 2011 with THQ.

Thats another reason Dana comes off way too harsh on the situation. To suggest that he is going to "blacklist" anybody from the UFC based on their participation in a game from EA is just DUMB. He's already being a hypocrite by letting Randy do it, but punishing everybody else, then he takes it further as to say he would not let anybody involved to even fight in the UFC. If people cannot see that is a bold faced lie, then they are blind. He will sign anybody that makes him money, period. Like I told Dave, do you really think he would NOT sign Fedor next year if he chose to be the cover boy for the EA MMA game? You know he would.

Whats even funnier is that Dana has been quoted as saying that HE WANTED EA to make the UFC game. I also think it's funny that people forgot about the past games, and the likeness rights issues that came up during that. People act like Undisputed is the FIRST game from the UFC. If the EA game IS better than the THQ game, then Dana could actually have a problem on his hands, but ONLY for the next few years. Come 2011, he can just turn over rights to EA, like he should have just done in the first place, and then everybody is happy. Instead, he comes out and declares jihad on EA Sports, like a jackass, and tries to paint them as bad guys. A fight he cannot win.

EA Sports does not have a face in the public eye like Dana White does. They will not respond to his BS, and they will continue making awesome video games. He will look like a douche, and eventually EA will make the game for the UFC. The only thing that could stop that is if EA manages to make a crappy game, which has happened in the past, so I guess we will see.

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