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Originally Posted by Chuck
I gothca....

For me nothing Brock has done yet impresses me.... he's just a low skill, one dimensional fighter...not the sharpest Crayon in the box for sure...

He has all the pieces he needs to be amazing... I just don't see it yet..

Herring is a gatekeeper and BL couldn't finish him....
Randy is a stud granted but he's old, past his prime and IMO was winning that fight until he got clipped..

Mir... top comp? Maybe... but in a weak HW division in the UFC....

My thoughts anyway....
Brock's comp so far has been very good.
Herring is not the best HW in the world but he is a solid fighter who holds wins over Kongo, Vovchanchyn and Tanner.
Randy is Randy and we have no idea if he is over the hill untill after his next fight
and Mir is the only person to ever stop Big Nog.

Over all those are 3 great opponents for someone with only 5 fights.
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