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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
Apples and Oranges bro...

The NFL is much more popular than the UFC, and it operates on a completely different level. There were fighters on UFC 100 who got paid 5,000 dollars to fight. When those guys make money similar to the NFL league minimum, then we can talk about UFC being comparable to the NFL.

The NFL does not bother to go after other leagues that pop up much less video game companies. The NFL only gets paid if their logo and NFL teams show up in the game. However, ANY NFL player can go out and sign a contract with a video game company, and appear in a video game without threat of being blacklisted from the league. It's like that in all the major sports.
Nope... if they are members of the NFLPA, then they can not license their name out to any video game that doesn't pay for said license to the PA. That's why EA Sports has a monopoly on NFL games now, and Sega can't make games with real players and teams anymore. EA has exclusive rights to everything NFL licensed, including the players.

Seeing as the UFC doesn't have a union or Fighters Association, the fighters are only under fighting contracts, and not licensing contracts. They can go elsewhere and license their likenesses and names to other games. Dana obviously doesn't want that.
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