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Originally Posted by Tyburn
No. I'm saying that I think Georges knew he couldnt beat Matt on the Ground. I think that he knew if they ever faced in a rematch, Matt probably wouldnt do the stand-up so completely again.

That win, should have removed the fear of fighting Hughes...but actually it intensified it, because GSP had not beaten Hughes on the ground, where Hughes was strong.

Now, when GSP finished Matt on the ground in the third match, then, you see he could say that he could beat Hughes, in matts area of strength...he no longer fears Hughes...he would probably do a rematch at short notice now, because he believes he can always win now, as he has done.

Thinking like that will get him killed if it ever comes to pass.

Try not to act like this is the first time you've ever heard me say this Crisco...I've said it before
you sure assume an awful lot when it comes to GSP,
you should be a fiction writer with an imagination like that Dave.
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