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Originally Posted by NateR
We had a militant Feminist English teacher in our college and, unfortunately, she taught one of the low level courses that every student needed for their degree. So, in order to pass her class and get a good grade, you had to agree with her idiotic Feminist ideologies.

Of course, all of the men in the class were smart enough to see through her stupidity and fortunately most of the women in the class were smart enough to realize she was full of crap as well.

Whenever a male student dared to speak up and disagree with her brainwashed liberal mind, she would always say something like, "What do you think, girls?" and try to rally all the women in the class together to make the man look stupid. After the first couple of weeks in the semester, the women weren't falling for it anymore. Because they realized just how idiotic and stupid Feminism really is.

The good news is that the college was forced to cut back on teachers because of low student enrollment and she was one of the first professors forced to seek other employment (probably bagging groceries at Albertsons).
LOL ... in my final year, i had to take one last elective course to graduate .. the last course availalble was Women in Society .. the first day i went, there was a class of about 200 and I think i was the fourth male in the class ... in the smaller tutorial class, i ended up being late and the only seat was left right at the front ... she saw my wedding band, asked me all these questions, i told her i was married, 23, a two year old, i cook cuz i like to, do my share of the diaper changing and feedings ..LOL .. she was digging to catch me in something ... i never attended one class after that except the mid-term exam and final .. didn't want to bother ... she even made me sit at the front for the exams ... lol ... when i went to check the final marks I lol when i saw that i had a rank of 4th highest mark on the final ... the moral of the story? it takes a good man to know about women in society ...
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