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Belcher lost, fair and square.

I rewatched the fight 5 times.
Aki got a taken down in the first, and landed a lot more power shots.
In the second and 3rd it was more of the same, Belcher landed leg kicks the whole fight, but thats it. He ate a LOT of shots from Aki, I mean a lot.

Aki landed 99 of 217, Belcher just 78 of 179 (that includes his leg kicks)
He was outstruck, fair and square.

In fact, in the first Aki landed 48 to Belcher's 22,
and scored a take down.. So how did Belcher win that one again?

In round 2, Aki landed 20 to Belchers 14, got a takedown and was on top for 3 minutes.

In the third and final round, Aki landed 36 to Belchers 42 but 11 of those were leg kicks. Aki also got a takedown in this round.

How on earth did anybody give any round to Belcher?
I don't get it. He was outstruck in every round but the 3rd,
and gave up a TD in that one.
Somebody please explain to me what two rounds he won, or how he won all three, or how on earth he was robbed?

stats courtesy of compustrike
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