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Originally Posted by Tyburn
These events are chronicled in History Nathan. Dont know about the film because I've never seen it.

I got my information from what I already know...the dates I got from a four part special on the History Channel. You know when she came to the throne other then a religious crisis, England had no particular significance at all. When she left the thron, England was a super-power in Europe and would remain one until after the second world war almost three hundred and forty years after her death.

Some of the speeches she made are equal in power to some made by Sir Winston Churchill, and Oliver Cromwell during the English Civil War

I think she died 1603 but I could be wrong.
I admired her greatly.

Much more then Henry. Henry was very much still a catholic in his actions he just didn't care for the pope not taking his side in his marital disputes.

Elizabeth took the throne and undid the re-catholic changes commited by Mary and truly started legitimate anti-pope regime.
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