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Originally Posted by atomdanger
Isn't he? Well, maybe not, but he is certainly no slouch.

Two time National runner-up and the National Champion, three-time All-American.

He has also knocked off 11 opponents in the first round.
Carwin's a great wrestler, but Division I vs. Division II is no comparison in skills or opponents faced.

Carwin has a larger fist than Brock, wearing 5xl gloves vs. Brock's 4xl. Either one could throw the right punch and KO the other.

I think Carwin got a bit exposed by Gonzaga in the fight. Zag is FAR from the wrestler Brock is and was able to take down Carwin. The difference is, Brock would be able to keep him down unlike Zag.

I'd still like to see it though.

FYI, Division II is the intermediate-level of competition in the NCAA. Let me put it like this. I went to college at Northwest Missouri State University, a division II school. 2 of those years, we were national champions in football. We had 4 guys try for the pros, with 1 person making it - he held a clipboard for the QB of the AZ Cardinals. Division II is NO comparision for D1 in the level of competition faced in ANY sport, period.
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