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Originally Posted by NateR
Wrong, that's like saying that Christianity is "enhanced" by greed because men like Jim Baker and Benny Hinn swindle people out of money by claiming that it is going to GOD.

Like Christianity, people can manipulate capitalism to suit their selfish ambitions, but it doesn't mean that capitalism is inherently about greed.

You're assuming that the goal of capitalism is to get rich. That's not necessarily the case. Many people just have the wish to be able to make a living doing something that they love. Only a free-market, capitalist society provides the freedom to do that. Not everyone desires to be rich.

What you are seeing a corrupted version of capitalism in America today, not what was originally intended by our founders.
By "enhanced" I meant...that some people could persue their freedoms even more then intended...not that the persuit of those freedoms beyond those which first considered was actually good.

Nathan, the vast majority of people in buisness are out to make AS MUCH money as possible...and this isnt an Americanism...this is everywhere. The Goal of Capitalism is to make as much money as possible

Most people do work to pay the bills, VERY few people love what they do for money. Most people would not go to work if they had the money to survive without it.

It is in Mans fallen nature to be selfish Nathan. Greed its one of the most prevelent sins IMHO.

You can have moralist Capitalism...but its few and far between. Thus Far I have only really found one insitution in Mixed Martial Arts whose goal is to make exceptionally Moral....I've found others who are willing to be moral when it suits their own persuit.

its a nasty world out there Nathan it makes me sad and depressed...and fearful
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