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Originally Posted by bradwright
Georges beat a guy last night that totally destroyed the last 6 opponents he faced and some of you are saying because he didn't finish him that it somehow makes GSP look bad,lol,
if thats really true then what does that say about the rest of the welterweight division when even though Alves lost last night he would still be considered the #1 contender in the division in most peoples eyes.
As a champion, Matt Hughes has 11 victories. 2 of those were for the title (Newton, GSP), 7 were title defenses (Sakurai, Newton, Castillo, Sherk, Trigg x2, Penn), 1 was a catchweight fight (Gracie) and the 1 his opponent didn't make weight for (Riggs).

Of those 11 victories as the Welterweight Champion, how many went to a decision? Only one, his fight against Sean Sherk.

So, you'll excuse me if I'm a little bit spoiled by that and actually expect UFC champions to fight to win, not just fight not to lose.

I seem to recall Tim Sylvia putting on similar performances against Andrei Arlovski and Jeff Monson and everybody hated him for it. However, with GSP it's somehow forgiven.
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