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Originally Posted by NateR
If you think capitalism is about greed, then you really don't understand capitalism at all. Capitalism is destroyed by greed, which is why the Founding Fathers knew that our nation NEEDS a firm foundation in Christian values of charity and mercy. It's when we abandoned those Christian values that greed took over.
No, Capitalism isnt distroyed by Greed...the problem is, its enhanced by Greed...thats the problem. They say "its just business". The Morality brings boundaries to Capitalism, drop those boundaries and Capital gains can go further...Further then intended by your forefathers...its holding to that saying, "give a centimetre and they'll take an inch" its about abusing the Freedom.

Greed has taken over. Now you see what this lady has done with missuse of the Freedom she has been given.

How do we start the ballence Nathan How do we put the charity, mercy, and morality BACK into capitalism
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