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Originally Posted by Tyburn
American Dream promises the persuit of...the ability to...opportunity...and chance.

It says nothing about Guarenteed success, nothing about results.

This is what work place politics is all about. He should be doing the same to her. That is how you get into office. Morality has nothing to do with it. You cover your own skelletons and you expose the skelletons of others.

Persuit of YOUR life, YOUR Happiness, YOUR Freedom, YOUR Liberty. Not His. Not your Competitors, Not the person who strives, but doesnt quite make it. Nor, incidently should they be helpped back to their feet.

This is what Capitalism is all about. Selfishness....and before you say they are Government, and not buying or selling...the principles are the same. Money and Power...thats what makes Fortune...everyone has the chance to obtain both and thus complete there dream.

Nietzsche...would say that you should only be in persuit of your becoming IF it doesnt have an adverse effect on Others. Capitalism says...use your opponent and your competition to further and advance your own becoming.

She is not acting outside of the Norm. THATS the travisty.
If you think capitalism is about greed, then you really don't understand capitalism at all. Capitalism is destroyed by greed, which is why the Founding Fathers knew that our nation NEEDS a firm foundation in Christian values of charity and mercy. It's when we abandoned those Christian values that greed took over.
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