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Don't you all know that this is America? Which means that anyone who disagrees with a Liberal MUST be destroyed.

The left-wing is kind of like the Nazi Gestapo that way:

We have Freedom of Speech, as long as you never disagree with the liberal talking points.

We have Freedom of Choice, as long our choices line up with liberal values.

We have Freedom of Religion, as long as our chosen religion takes a back seat to secular humanism and the liberal power elite.

We have a right to a fair trial, unless you're rich, or a Christian, or a man; then you must be punished for your crimes to the fullest extent of the law.

You can be patriotic and love your country, as long as you agree that America is pure evil and is solely responsible for all the ills of the world (The world was a perfect utopia, before our evil, greedy country came along).

Those are just a few pre-requisites if you are to be allowed freedom in liberal America..... just like our Founding Fathers described.
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