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Originally Posted by warriorlion
ever think that his comments were to hype the fight.

Was an awesome KO, and yeah bisping was shut up, but come on, its hype.

You guys dont like him coz he's english,and there was a dodgy decision against hammil - the same attitude came round for Dan Hardy and people were hoping he would get KTFO'd in both his last two fights.

Bisping runs his mouth in build up yeah, but so do most fighters and dont get this reaction

Bulls*^&.. The fact he's english has nothing to do with anything. Sure a lot of fighters run their mouths, but like Hardy, Bisping didnt just attack Hendersons skillset, he attacked him as a person. That said, I don't think any fighter that runs their mouth gets a standing ov. when they walk into an arena. Why? Because nobody likes a dick, thats it, nobody gives a crap about where they're from.
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