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Originally Posted by cubsfan47
So what penance will he do to prove it? Lesnar is a father now, and how will he explain this to his kid because you know someone will bring it up to the kid? I am sure the thought has already occurred to him. For the married guys out there, how do you think his wife feels? How do you think she is going to make him feel? Ooooh! <shudder>

Actually, after he said that she started laughing and clapping, like she was pretty excited about the prospect, so I don't know...

But really, its not like Brock head kicked a old lady. He freaked out, thats it. It is still pretty amazing how nuts he got but looking back on some of the things Mir said, seriously, I can imagine coming into this he had been pushed over the edge.

I just don't see how you can say some of the things Frank said and expect any less out of a person like Brock, honestly.
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