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Originally Posted by surveyorshawn
I definitely agree with leaving it there, as it would take away from our study of Philippians. My only comments on it, in agreement, are that the early church's over-reliance on Paul reminds me of ancient Israel's desire to have a physical, earthly king (they would up with Saul) rather than the system God had put in place for them. Perhaps that insecurity reflects a lack of or immature level of faith in things we can't physically see. I would agree that the church remained immature, and perhaps even regressed some. Anyway, on with chapter 2!!
I think you've hit the nail on the head. I think all this shows, Israel/King, Paul/Early Church, Pope/Rome, Its the SAME thing happening over and over again.

There are four prongs to this problem.
First "If I cant see it, I cant Trust it"

Lack of Trust

Secondly "Someone has to be the Authority to settle disputes open to interpretation"

Lack of Discernment

Thirdly "If We're Wrong its because of him"

Lack of Personal Responsibility

Forthly "We want someone else to decide for us"

In all seriousness, anyone with any sense would know the answer to "Which Religion is Correct" or "Is there a GOD" must be the most important question ever faced by man how come more often people say "I dont Know" AND are content to LEAVE IT AT THAT. Fear? Laziness? Inability to Choose or decide?

Its a puzzlement...One that GOD says in Revelations he finds most dissagreeable. Yes is Good, No is bad...but "Im aware of the problem, but dont know and dont care...." Thats intollerable sitting on the luke warm fence. He rebukes one of the Host who looks after the Church thats full of lukewarm people...niether good nor bad, no effort in, but no lack of it. Complete stagnation.

But I think your right...this shows a fundemental immaturity that has obviously been around in the Old Testament, The New Testament, and into the Cannonical epoch. People want to be told, want to be ordered...Love takes effort...people cant be arsed
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