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Originally Posted by Tyburn
I hadnt thought of that. You can see the obvious danger cant you. They NEED Paul to tell them something like that, because they dont trust enough to accept it from GOD. You can understand a little, why Three Centuries Later when the Church goes Global, there is a need for someone...human...and someone Temporaral in every generation to act, like Paul, as the Spiritual Mentor for the Church of that age.

I think thats WAY blowing out of proportion the Role of Paul...and I'm certain he would aggree...or you wouldnt see him write so personally to Timothy, about he's own inadequecies and downfalls...BUT you can understand why that Church mentality is setting up some Human to be GODs earthly representative.

Not wishing to be horrible...but perhaps the Church never matured. That could be one of the reasons why, three centuries later, the people felt the need for a Pope to have an apostolic Voice. The Laugh of it is the Pope is more of a Pauline Character, then a Petran. Peter was almost a silent Patriarch for the Heathen converts...and yet...The Pope ONLY talks to Christians....that Role is Saint Paul, NOT Saint Peter...and his whole Brief seems to be to act in the same way as Saint Paul...a figure of authority, and...dare I say it...a person to hide behind.

I kinda want to leave it there, because I dont want to screw the thread up...I'm just thinking out loud about the ramifications to Christendom of too many Phillipian Mannered that immaturitiy might have become a norm by the time of Constentine.

Paul is encouraging independance of Discernment. He's actually saying "think for yourself" VERY Early Roman Catholicism DID adhere to that because the Celtic Church thrived as a set of Independant Monastic Communities that were linked by Bishops who would be like Paul in Missionary travel and writing.

Anyway...lets get back to the main topic. I'm ready for Chapter two already
I definitely agree with leaving it there, as it would take away from our study of Philippians. My only comments on it, in agreement, are that the early church's over-reliance on Paul reminds me of ancient Israel's desire to have a physical, earthly king (they would up with Saul) rather than the system God had put in place for them. Perhaps that insecurity reflects a lack of or immature level of faith in things we can't physically see. I would agree that the church remained immature, and perhaps even regressed some. Anyway, on with chapter 2!!
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